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Roaming - FAQs


There's been a lot of questions about Roaming - so I've created a list of frequently asked questions below - Hope it helps!

  • I’m planning a trip abroad – what do I need to before I go?
    • If you’re on Pay Monthly you need to ensure roaming is set-up before you travel. You can do this by calling 789 or logging onto My Account (make sure the international calling bar is switched off too).
    • If you want to access data you’ll need to switch on data roaming on your handset too – you can find this in the settings
    • Check out the Roaming Hub for more info
  • What is Roam like Home and what’s included?
    • You can now use your UK allowance anywhere in the EU with Roam Like Home. This means that while you’re travelling in an EU country you can use your UK allowance of Minutes, Texts and Data, just as you would in the UK subject to fair use limits.
    • This includes roaming calls back to the UK and between EU countries
    • More information about Roam like Home (including a list of countries included can be found here
  • Where can I find information about the fair usage policy?
    • You can find the Fair Usage Policy for Roam like Home here. It's important to check these before you travel
  • Are calls from the UK to the rest of Europe included in Roam Like Home?
    • No, these are international calls
  • I’m already abroad – Where can I get help?
    • You can log onto My Account or alternatively call +44 7953 967 967


  • I can use calls and send SMS – but I can’t use data
    • Please ensure Data & Data Roaming options are turned ‘ON’ in your device settings. Here are the basic steps for most devices:
      • Most Android devices – Settings > More Networks/Settings (you may skip this step on recent android devices) > Mobile Networks > Ensure Data Roaming is turned ‘ON’.
      • Most IPhone’s – Settings > Mobile Data > Ensure Mobile Data and Data Roaming are turn ‘ON’. Please make sure EU Internet is turned ‘OFF’.
      • If you need exact instructions please post the make and model of your device.
    • Please check that roaming is activated in your online account (Please allow 24 hours for changes to complete):
      • Online account > Plan and device > Manage services > Going abroad
    • Please check that the APN selected in your account is displayed as Virgin and not another network provider. Here are the basic steps for most android devices:
      • Settings > More Networks/Settings (you may skip this step on recent android devices) > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names = Virgin Media Mobile Internet
      • ** It is not possible to manually change APN setting on IPhone’s but you can still reset the APN settings. Please note this will also reset the Wi-Fi networks so you will need to re-key your wireless passwords. Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    • If there is no option for Virgin APN’s then you will need to add them manually. Visit this link to get yours:
    • Alternatively, you can try these APN settings:
      • Name — Virgin Media Mobile Internet
      • APN —
      • Proxy — Not Set
      • Port — Not Set
      • Username — user
      • Password — Not Set
      • Server — Not Set
      • MMSC —
      • MMS proxy —
      • MMS port — 8080
      • MCC — 234
      • MNC — 30
      • Authentication type — PAP