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Roaming Activation

I am in abroad and my mobile phone stated no service, how can I activate my roaming? I logged in mobile phone account on Virgin media website but can't find any option to request to activate roaming.
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Re: Roaming Activation

Hi There,

You can activate roaming from the web account, if your unable to do that you would have to call in to have it activated.

However because you are not in the UK it could take a good 48 hours to update on your handset if it does at all. It is much harder for this type of update to reach you whilst your not in the UK.

+44 7953 967 967 - You can reach the team on this number from any phone if you are a pay monthly contract. Costs are the same as a call to the UK from the country your in.

789 - If you have a PAYG mobile. Its free to listen to the recorded message and £2 per call to speak to the team.

I hope this helps

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Re: Roaming Activation

Hi ffsatti,


once you've logged in to your account > you need to click on the "Plan and device" tab from the row near the top of the page.

Go to "Manage my services" set "Roaming" to ON & "International call barring" to OFF

Allow time for your account to update then reboot your phone by turning it off & on again.


AlexKid :-)

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