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Returning Handsets

Any others having  or have had this  issue?

I ordered  a  new Mobile Phone (iPhone) on 06/07/2016 It arrived  08/07/2016

Unfortunately  the phone sent out was  32Gb not 64GB

I asked to return it and was promised the packaging the next day   It arrived on the 12th !!!  I  return the whole package unopened.

I  was promised a call to set up a new delivery   Nothing  occurs ! I  contact  Virgin Mobile on 18th as they have  not called me back as promised Then told that this  would be dealt with promptly with another call back promised

I contact them AGAIN on 21st and am  advised  by Virgin that this package arrived  at their "engineers" on  the 14th

I am now advised that the phone has not been  checked and that a replacement phone to  the specification required cannot be sent out until this happens   I am then told that this is STILL pending and nothing can  be done until at least the 25th or 26th if then!!

All the retention team were to be  honest wonderful and i  could feel their  exasperation as  much  as  mine

I look at other options and find an almost identical deal from another source for delivery 22nd

Being a loyal customer and keen to  stay with Virgin I  call  back and ask if ANYTHING can be done to expedite this frankly ridiculous time span

Answer no!!

Do you want  to retain customers Virgin ?

Comments and experiences folks???

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Re: Returning Handsets

Unfortunately this is mainly a self help forum and no one on here can view your account.

Virgin will not progress until it's confirmed the phone is 100% fit. I understand it's new unopened but that's there process. It should not take to long, unless there is a backlog to get through.

Sorry I'm not being more helpful.

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