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Replacing old phone with new one


Approx 9 years ago, I bought a basic PAYG phone from Virgin Media. I am happy with service I have received but phone is now 'failing'.

If I buy a new phone (from Virgin), can I transfer

a. my existing number to the new phone

b. my remaining PAYG credit to the new phone (new phone comes with £10 credit - I assume this would be combined with my existing credit ?


Can I stay on same tarrif that I'm on now ?


I know (assume) I could put my existing SIM in new phone BUT as its so old I don't want to do this as it may fail soon.


So basically simply replacing old phone with new one.


Thanks, H

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Re: Replacing old phone with new one

Hi HDerbyshire,


Thanks for posting us this querySmiley Happy


There shouldn't be any problems keeping your existing number. Our team can simply send out a replacement SIM on the same tariff with exactly the same details for the new phone you purchase. You will just need to tell them which type of SIM you require.


Why not take a look at our phones here and when you've decided simply call our team on 789 or 0345 6000 789 form a landline to place your order.


Hope this helps.


Many thanks






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