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Problems retrieving MMS message

Hi There

I have been unable to retrieve an MMS that was sent to me via

I put in my mobile number and password provided but nothing is happening.

I can see that there has been previous threads on here where people have experienced the same problem but couldn't figure out how they resolved it.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did they resolve it please?

Best wishes



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Re: Problems retrieving MMS message

The oft-given advice by the forum team is to send a picture to your own number to automatically set up picture messaging on your handset. This will only make a difference for picture (MMS) messages that are sent from now onwards.

If you have been sent a text message directing you to the poor excuse for a retrieval website, you need to access it from a computer.

You need to make sure Java (I think) is up-to-date.

You should try all six combinations of your number (07xxx xxxxxx, 447xxx xxxxxx, +447xxx xxxxxx, 07xxxxxxxxx, 447xxxxxxxxx and +447xxxxxxxxx).

Where it says "ID" in the text message, that's the value you key in to "Password" on the website.

I seem to recall that when you actually see the message header on-screen, you need to tick the box to its left then click another button, but it's so long ago since I needed to do this that I can't remember the actual label on the button. If you're still struggling, by all means get in touch by PM and I'll see what I can do to help.

Oh, one other thing - I couldn't get it to work using Firefox, I had to use Internet Explorer. That suggests it's some sort of blocker that firefox is set up with by default, which MSIE does not bother with.

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