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Problem with bill

Hi! My name is Andrei and on the 17th of February I spoke on the phone with customer service reagrding a problem with broadband. They told me that I will have £80 credit on the account as a compensation and what they can do is to give me a wifi dongle untill I resolve the problem with the broadband. They told me that I will pay £21 only for a month and I will have 8GB of data. I ask them what should I do after those 8gb are consumed and the response was that : don't worry you will have £1/day unlimited data!!! And I say, yes, perfect, let's do that! I receive the wifi and after 4 days it stopped working and ai called customer service and they told me that is a problem from Virgin Media and I will not be charged with nothing but still the internet is not working. After 2 days I called again and this time the billing was £56 pounds because I was charged for everithing on the Internet( whatsapp, games, facebook etc) and that it's not fair and they will erase all the amount from the bill!! But still no internet! After a day I called again because I need internet, my job depends on the internet and 3 employees told me 3 different story's regarding this problem. Now I receive a email and i'm informed that on the 31th of march they will take me from my debit card £75!!!!!!! This is outrages!!! If you don’t resolve this problem I will go to the police or somewhere because everything is recorded and I can prove all!!!
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Re: Problem with bill

Hi Baiazid90,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with the billing on your account.

You will need to contact us direct about this issue. Please give us a call on 789 (Freephone from a Virgin Mobile), 150 (Freephone from a Virgin Mobile or Virgin Media landline) or 0345 6000 789 (from any other phone). 


Thank you,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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