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Problem with Customer Services


Im writing this post to see if any VM staff members will read this and perhaps be able to help me as ive tried rining customer services several times now and ive got nowhere.

My issue: -

Back in april I wanted to purchase a new phone, I was already a Virgin mobile customer and was due and upgrade.  But at the time I made a mistake and purchased a phone and tarrif as a new account not an upgrade.  So when I received the phone and sim I rang customer services to ask if I could transfer my old VM number to the new VM account.  To my surprise I was told that they couldnt move a VM number to another VM account.  Anyway after a long call they came to a resolution.  They said they would cancel the new Tarrif and setup a DD for just the phone cost.

After a couple of months I realised i was still being billed for the new VM Tarrif, so again I called Customer services and explained to them what had happened and they pulled up my case details from my previous call.  After another lenghty call they again promised the same outcome that they would cancel the new VM Tarrif which had never been used and change the billing as required and also refund the money id been paying for the new tarrif i had never used.  

After several more months I again saw i was still being billed for the VM tarrif which i was promised would be cancelled and refunded.

Anyway I made another call to customer services and this time after a heated discussion I was told that they wouldnt be able to help after all.  I was told that I would have to return the handset if i wanted the VM tarrif cancelled which I mistakingly purchased as a new account rather than an upgrade.  But Its now 8 months later and I really want to keep the handset, at this point im not worried about a refund but I would like to stay with VM mobile as i have 2 accounts with VM already.

Could anyone advise me on what I could do to resolve my situation?  Im starting to think I may have to move to another provider if i want to keep my number and just return the handset back to VM and be done with it, but Im a long time VM customer not just VM mobile either so id really like to stay put.  But my options seem limited at this point.

Thanks for reading.


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