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Premium charges for a std text, Why?

I have recently sent my son a number of texts which have been charged at premium rate. The same number has been used 3 yrs plus, it starts with 44 and he is uk based. Many other numbers in my contact list are +44 numbers and they don't come up as premium rate numbers, so why should this. This has only just started happening in Dec 15. anyone know why please ? Virgin customer rep reckons I would have to change all my 44 numbers to 07 etc........ Cannot see this is correct at many people when they text you, their number would auto default to 44 and then when you respond to std text you get a premium charge through no fault of your own.




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Re: Premium charges for a std text, Why?

Hi Markc1001,
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear you've been charged extra for sending texts to your son in the UK.
I'd like to find out more information. Could you please answer the following questions:-
What network is your son on?
Did any changes occur with either handset in December?
How much per text have you been charged?
The representative is correct to ask you to change to 07 as it's worth a go to see if this makes a difference. Have you done this? Have there been any further charges?
Look forward to your reply. 

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