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Premium Rate Text Scam GBP 4.50 each - 4 this month alone!!

I've rec'd 4 Premium Rate texts GBP 4.50 each this month. I phoned Virgin - very helpful first time and refunded GBP 9.00 but now refuse to refund the other 9 pounds (which I discovered after the second telephone call).  The first two people I spoke to (Tues/Weds) were helpful and said that they were aware of the problem and were reporting everything to Ofcom in a bid to do something about it. However, I've just had a horrendous conversation with a third individual who told me that it was not Virgin's problem and that I would have to pay the 4.5 each time this happens!! In theory this could be every day. The woman said that each time it happens I would have to text these scam companies back with the word STOP so that I wouldn't receive any more from that company but at least three of the four texts I received were from different companies!- I don't know how many of these scam companies exist!!   This is serious stuff and could potentially affect many virgin customers.  I find it incredible that V. are not assuming responsibility for this issue. If any of you are having similar problems let me know- I am very happy to collate something to take this further.  This will not be with Virgin as they are not interested.  I'm looking through my options at the moment.  Sorry for this tirade but I am very upset about this.

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Re: Premium Rate Text Scam GBP 4.50 each - 4 this month alone!!

Hi annakaye090295,


if you type "premium text" or "scam text" into the search bar of this forum you will find many complaints from users.

In fairness to Virgin Mobile, of late they have proved more helpful to their customers (the first two charges were refunded to you) whereas previously it was left almost solely to the customer to sort this out.

Premium texts are a subscription based service, providing some sort of content such as news, games, competitions etc.

Unless it is a genuine scam, you will at some point have needed to sign up. Perhaps you did so accidentally, clicking on a link without thinking, accepting permissions or not ticking a box somewhere.
Such things are easy to do and sometimes they appear deliberately misleading. Such cases need reporting to the regulator.


You have been correctly told to text back "STOP" or “STOP ALL” to the shortcode (usually about 5 numbers) to end the service.


You can also try entering the number into EE's Third Party Services Checker to see if that gives you contact information for the company and contact them directly. Both to end the service and ask for any refund.

Or use this site: PhonepayPlus. They are the UK regulator for premium rate services and should be informed if you believe the service to be a "scam" or deliberately misleading.

Keep us informed of your progress and good luck.


AlexKid :-)

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Re: Premium Rate Text Scam GBP 4.50 each - 4 this month alone!!

Hi Annakaye090295,


Thank you for coming in and posting your message about the premium texts, welcome into the Community.


Whenever there are unexpected charges, it's never the best and can be a bit of a shocker at times, what's important is hep help is always at hand. AlexKid has popped another great post here and I only have to add that if you're looking for a premium text company, you can find this on your monthly online bill. Once found, a quick search on Google can identify them and you could get a refund from them and stop receiving texts as per the above help.


I hope that this is sorted for you soon.



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