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Porting my number to Virgin Media

I've just signed up with Virgin Media, waited 12 days before I got my replacement sim delivered by Yodel, and asked for my number to be ported. On the day this happened I got a text to say it had been successfully completed, over 2 hours after my number went out of service, ie, no one could phone me on that number. Except my number was still out of service.

I called customer services, twice, and spoke to two people with strange American accents who said I should wait until midnight, or some hours after midnight according to my second try with customer services. They seemed to think it is perfectly acceptable for my number to go out of service for over 12 hours when Ofcom clearly states it must not take more that 2 hours for a number to go out of service when ported to another provider.

Should I make a complaint to Ofcom? My number went out of service at approx 11am and was not working again with Virgin Media until later this evening, at least 10 hours later. What bothers me most is the way the customer services people just don't seem to get it and simply try making up excuses and expect you to be without your number for hours on end and and that's the way it is because they say so. I don't find this helpful at all.

But there is more. Bearing in mind I just ordered the sim, when I first tried to go to this forum it said I couldn't use this community forum because I was banned. Charming.

I asked whether my 14 day cooling off period would be changed to start when my sim arrived, but I suspect I was fobbed off with this also since nothing shows on my account nor the credit they agreed for losing time over waiting for the sim for so long. 


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Re: Porting my number to Virgin Media


Hi endless,

Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that your service stopped working for 10 hours after your number port completed. Is this working for you now on the correct ported number?

A number port can take from 24 hours to 5 days to complete on our system, depending on when it was requested and the order will finalise and close at midnight of that date. This is why you were advised to wait until midnight if the system still showed your port order open. Did the service resume after midnight or was the problem down to a signal or service fault?

Within your Terms and Conditions, you can withdraw from your mobile agreement by notifying us within a 14 day period which starts the day after you've signed your agreement or, if later, the day you receive your device. This would start when your SIM was activated initially.

If you would like discuss this further, please contact our Customer Relations team by calling in on 789 (Freephone from a Virgin Mobile), 150 (Freephone from a Virgin Mobile or Virgin Media landline) or 0345 6000 789 (from any other phone) that way they can have a look into your account and also take into consideration the lengthy time it took for your number port to process.

Please let us know how this goes or if we can help further.

Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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