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Porting issues - had enough!

Please can someone help me.
I ported to virgin from o2 last Tuesday and got a text message to say all was successful.

However. Allowance details are still not available and voicemail doesn't work.

Incoming and outgoing texts and calls are fine.

Rang 789 and they keep fobbing me off saying the port is still going through and to try again in a few days etc. Etc. - I just want it to work. I need voicemail to work and I need to be able to view allowance details.

My virgin mobile online account still shows my temporary number I was given with this sim prior to porting.

Can somebody please message me and help out. Or arrange a call back from someone (with due respect) that can actually get this sorted. It's not the best first impression and I'm seriously considering jumping ship already.

Many thanks :-)
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