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Poor Reception

I've always had a poor signal in my house but with my samsung I usually got a signal, if only one bar. I bought an iPhone and moved to a sim only contract. The first sim was a dud so while waiting I used a giffgaff sim and got a better (though still not great) signal. I've got my new Virgin sim and the signal is at it's worst. Most of the time I check the phone it says 'no signal'.

Looks like GiffGaff have a better signal here. As I'm now on a rolling sim contract can I just give 30 days notice and get a PAC no?

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Re: Poor Reception

Hi Braincapers,

It’s a shame the Virgin signal isn’t good for you but yes if you’re on a 30 day rolling SIM only contract you can call the Virgin mobile customer services on 789 or 0345 6000 789 from any other phone, give 30 days notice & request a PAC code at the same time (although the PAC code is only valid for 30 days) so you may choose to leave that a little longer unless you don’t mind loosing a day or two.

AlexKid :-)

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Re: Poor Reception

Also Gifgaf use the O2 network, check on line to see if any of the other networks have a better signal in your area


3 and Vodaphone are the other options for you, 3 offer a 4G service at no extra cost so I'd look there first, be aware your Iphone will be locked unless it was bought direct from an Apple store