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Phone upgrade declined.

Hi, after being a customer for 7 years, I have been turned down to upgrade my phone this time, but can keep my old one which is ridiculous, I'm obviously not going to pay monthly for a broken out of date phone. From what I'm hearing from people I know and reading in this forum, Virgin won't have many customers before long. I'm leaving for a new network which will hopefully be less trouble next month when my contract is up, as is my partner and our son because we all want to be in the same network. We will also be cancelling our TV phone and broadband package and move to sky, because I see no point staying loyal to this company when it treats long term customers this way.

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Re: Phone upgrade declined.

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Re: Phone upgrade declined.

Hi Michelleb79,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear that you've been declined your contract. I want to look into this for you.


So we can do this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps.


Speak soon.




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