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Phone upgrade but £££ for sim?

I just reached the end of a contract and upgraded phone. The new phone (5s) takes a smaller SIM than my old phone (4s). I want to keep the same number, after all, it's only a phone upgrade. 

The new phone arrived today but no SIM. I called to see if one was being sent but apparently not, I have to request a sim, and pay for it separately, plus delivery. 

So I've received a new phone I can't use and wont be able to unless I pay for a new sim. It's not megabucks but still seems rather unfair. 


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Re: Phone upgrade but £££ for sim?

If you bought both phones from Virgin Media it'll be one of two things

1. Most recent Virgin Media SIMs are all-in-one versions, so they have push out parts to reduce the size from micro to nano SIM. This is why new SIMs are not sent as part of an upgrade

2. Your existing SIM isn't a push out one, and you should have been sent a new SIM with the phone. You shouldn't have to pay to get the SIM if that's the case as you're upgrading through Virgin Media.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: Phone upgrade but £££ for sim?

Hi Colinfish, 

first, are you sure that your present SIM isn't one of the "push out to size” type that you can make to the size you want?

If not, you will need to give the Virgin mobile team a call back & request a new SIM of the correct size.

Unless they were of the belief that you had a "3 in 1" type. They should have provided you with a new SIM with your upgrade.

You may have to pay for postage: 99p standard or £2.99 for next day. But I would still argue this point and certainly not for the SIM itself, which should have been provided with your new "upgrade" phone.

In the past when dealing with Virgin Mobile I have found that polite persistence usually pays off Smiley Happy

AlexKid :-)

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