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Phone not activated

This is the only way so far to get any message to virgin mobile


I am still having problems with the connection to my new phone contract with yourselves on 18/07/2015.
I applied for a £13.00 contract a month, this allows be to have 1000 minutes call time per month.
At the moment it is telling I do not have any free minutes and it is not activated. I rang on saturday and activated so I believe with your call centre
The new number I have with you is [Removed].
If this issue is not sorted out my tomorrow. I will be cancelling this contract, also my other mobile phone contract with yourselves.
Not only that I will cancelling my contract with Virgin broadband, TV, Tivo box and home phone.
My wife has contacted yourselves 7 times so far this week and gets a totally different answer from all your call centre's.
I look forward to you resolving this issue, very soon


[MOD EDIT: Mobile number removed, please review the Forum Guidelines]

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Re: Phone not activated

I cancelled the lot and went back to sky, but i'm loathed to change my number again, having said that I could get a PAC code......Good luck

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Re: Phone not activated

Hi angrycustomer3,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear you're having difficulties activating your phone with us.


I'd like to get this sorted for you.


I will send you a private message shortly (red envelope, top left hand side) to gather some details from you.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Speak soon 



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Re: Phone not activated

can you help me too?

my daughter's phone suddenly stopped working - and lost the sim card - but won't activate (as if a new phone - even though had it for 6 months working fine). 

a virgin shop tried a new sim but wouldn't work. called the helpline (several times) they sent new sim - still phone won't activate

shop say phone is faulty but helpline keep sending emails about new ports and thanks for changing to virgin 9we've always been with virgin

help...cant find anyone who understands - the call centre clearly just work from drop down menus... please help



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Re: Phone not activated

Hi Grayhop,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that your daughter is having some problems with her phone. I want to get this all sorted for you.


If no sim is working inside the phone, this will either mean that the phone has been blacklisted or if it's faulty.


So I can look into this for you, are you able to PM me your full name, mobile number and three characters from your password.


You can do this by clicking on the image of my face and selecting the send me a message option on the right hand side.


Let me know once you've sent this over. Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy




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