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Phone is still blocked

i spoke with customer services this morning around 9.00am as my phone was suspended. Everything got sorted and she said that my phone would be back on within the hour! Nearly 12 hours later and it's still off. I have just spoke again with customer services who said that she refreshed the system and to turn the phone off for 5 mins and everything would be ok. Guess what it isn't!!!! How long does it take and when will my phone be back up and running!!!!!
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Forum Team
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Re: Phone is still blocked

Hi Lppkt472,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear your mobile phone was suspended.


Can you confirm if this is now working again?


I'm afraid we don't have the facility to deal with mobile account queries via the forums. If it's still not on it would need another call to customer services to find out why.


I really hope you get the resolution you're looking for.



Forum Team
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