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Phone disconnected, poor service



my phones been disconnected because your payment systems don't seem to like my direct debt and for some reason keeps bouncing (all my other bill come out of this account fine), so on the 7th of this month I paid my balance on full and I'm still waiting for the line to be activated again.


Ive rang 4 times today, spoke to 4 different people who said I needed to speak to te collections department to get the line up and running again, each person put me through to collections but everytime they do I get no answer and they hang up, and to be honest this is pretty annoying seeming I've spent 8+ mins explaining the stituation to each person just to for them to hang up on me, I can't ring them back because my phone been disconnected.. I refuse to ring again cause it's just a waste of my time and I don't think my boss will like the bill I'm racking up using his landline. 


Can an someone please sort this problem for me.



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Re: Phone disconnected, poor service

Hi Sherbie,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry to hear your mobile phone service is still suspended despite paying the bill on the 7th. This isn't something I like to hear as you've clearly been waiting long enough for it to be put back on.


It's been a few days since you posted, has the phone been put back on?


I hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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