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Phone blocked, by whom?

So, I'm just typing a text and suddenly the 'your phone is locked because it's been reported lost/stolen' screen suddenly appears! - wth!! My phone had been charging and I turned it on - I'd had the phone with me all day, and had been using it until the battery died

I phoned Virgin from my landline, who asked if I'd removed or changed the sim at all; absolutely not! "Can I take your details and your password?" Details given but wrong password given so she gave me a prompt at which point I remembered. The only people who would know that word are my parents and husband! Hubby was with me all day and evening, and my parents don't know my phone number (they're not techs enough to do mobiles!)

apparently if you report your phone missing or stolen you need to provide your password, so if I didn't know it who the hell else could have known it?? Particularly if nobody had actually stolen my phone!!

what the hell is that about? Plus it was 9.30pm and no-one was available in the insurance team until the following morning! 

Apolgies for the rant but really hacked off!

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Re: Phone blocked, by whom?

Hi Coops212,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you had to experience this. It's not something that we want to see.


My take on the pop up message is that it's linked to a potential issue within the Mobile Rescue app and not linked to anyone reporting the phone lost or stolen. I can completely understand the stress caused by this.


Please let me know if you need anything at all.



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