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Phone Death

Last night I was playing a game. The battery died on me.
So, this morning, I put the phone on charge. Its now been on charge for 11 hours and still on the red light.
I have taken it off and tried restart, but nothing.
Connected it to my laptop, nothing.
Would the battery be at fault or is it because i  let it run down and took so long to put it on charge?
It died ast night at 8pm. Went on charge at 6:30 am.
Thanks. The model is c6603.

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Re: Phone Death

Hi metalbones15,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear you've had some issues with your battery. I promise you've done nothing wrong.


Are you still having issues with charging?


Are you able to let me know if the phone is on as well?

Looking forward to hearing from you.






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