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Pay monthly to Pay as you go, Abroad, then "No Service"


Here is the problem:
I have an Iphone 5c I bought new more than a year ago in France. I moved in UK, had a virgin pay as you go, then switched to Monthly... no problem. Good network, happy with the offer... all good Smiley Happy
Because I just moved abroad, I called Virgin a month ago to ask if possible to switch back on Pay as You Go so I keep the same nr - no problem.

I left for Senegal on the 6th. By then, I was still Pay Monthly: coverage OK, no problem. I am in Dakar and we have excellent network.
hen on the 12th, it switched to Pay as You Go and from that point, it indicated "no service".
My Iphone asked me to update carrier settings... so I tapped OK. But nothing, still "no service". My Roaming is OK, though... Called the customer service twice.

When I turn off my phone and back again, it indicates Orange Senegal network for a couple of seconds, eventually indicate 1 bar network, then back to "No Service". I can't even try to connect to another network (Sentel is in agreement with Virgin), because it can't find anything.

I am wondering if it's not a question of carrier settings, but I don't know how to do ?

Can you help, please? I will be abroad for a really long time, I would be really unhappy if I can't get my connection back ! Smiley Happy
Thanks !

I even topped up GBP5 in case that was the problem, but still nothing, and Customer service can't find any answer neither.

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Re: Pay monthly to Pay as you go, Abroad, then "No Service"

Hi Coralie,


Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm very sorry to hear you've lost roaming in Dakar.


I can see you've also posted here and Mat_H has replied. I'll respond to the PM on his behalf.



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