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Pathetic Network and Customer Service

I am so p'ed of that I don't even see the need to be polite anymore.


I switched networks to Virgin a few days ago mainly because I was seduced by their SIM Only deals - WORST MISTAKE!


To this day, I hardly get connection to browse the web, send or make calls and my iMessage functions fails to even work. The most annoying thing of this all is the fact that it says full signal and 3G enabled, yet nothing connects or works.


Don't even get me started about customer service - very **bleep**e! Lovely people to talk to, but poor technical advice and even getting through to one is a pain in the butt, because surprise surprise you either lose freaking connection and the call fails or you get through to someone and they get cut off and back to the switchboard. I had an advisor call me back twice, because the network kept cutting me off; talk about evidence of your own crappy product right there.


I am not aping this months bill, if they are serious to even try bill after such poor service. You would think they will be on their best behaviour to a new customer, but within 2days they have proved to be crap and I thought o2 was bad.

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Re: Pathetic Network and Customer Service

You have a 14 day "cooling off" period in which you can terminate all aspects of your contract.


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