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PDP network error?

I switch from Blackberry Q10 to iPhone 6s 2 weeks ago, all was nice ill just today when i noticed i have no data so can go online, try all, but always have info PDP network error, what is that? not enough that i already pay for 4G tariff and use still 3G when your business customers are happy with 4G network. When i will fully use this what i should have.

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Re: PDP network error?

looks like the VM internet service is DOWN AGAIN!!!

unreliable, overpriced, useless service.....


Totally unhelpful customer service (15 mins on 'hold' waiting for someone to answer!!!) have given up!

far too busy 'conning' new customers to care about the existing ones....


(yes, have done 'soft' & 'hard resets' and waited most of the day as well (wasted most of my lunch break 'on hold' at 789 'customer services'  listening to 'your call is important to us' diatribe!!)

Was working at 7:30, not at 8:00!!


PS..Sobieckis I too have a 4G phone, which is 'crippled' by VM's refusal to supply 4G to customers..much more of this, and I'm off to a 'proper' provider, not a 'mickey mouse' one...Smiley Tongue 


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Re: PDP network error?

Hi Sobieckis,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with data on your mobile.


Are you still experiencing these problems with data? We've had a fault in general with data services at the beginning of the week but this has since been resolved. If its ongoing we may need to look at this on an individual basis for you.


Kind regards

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