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PAYG sim to use in security alarm

I have a security system that can text me when an event occurs so I'd like an old fashioned payg sim that has credit on it but doesn't need automatic periodic credit applied.


Do Virgin do such a thing?





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Re: PAYG sim to use in security alarm

You have to put credit on and then do something chargeable at least once every 90 days - send a text or whatever. Eventually it will run out of credit.


It makes business sense, if you think about it. What is the point of potentially tying up a mobile number from a limited pool when you've no idea if it's even in use any more.


If your security solution can send a system status text every (say) six weeks, you will be able to plumb a reminder into your phone to predict that text and the predicted need for more credit. If the status text doesn't arrive when your alarm goes off, it's a sign that something has gone wrong, and you get to find out before something bad actually happens.

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