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PAYG Handset Upgrade

So, in September I decided to use my £30 credit towards upgrading my antiquated handset. I like to deal on-line, and this is 2015.

Every single handset listed is unavailable. Most are shown as sold out on the main page. Of those which are 'available', they either register as 'unavailable' when I got to add them to my basket, or, just as I think I may actually be about to purchase a new phone, are sold out due to their immense popularity or 'a problem' when I reach checkout.

Can it really be that in 3 months, Virgin (UK) haven't had a single handset in stock for purchase online? Or is it simply that no-one ever gets around to sorting out the website?

I have a good tariff and am happy with the coverage. Please don't make me take my custom elsewhere after a decade because you can't manage the simplest of services.



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Re: PAYG Handset Upgrade

The whole VM website is like this, full of rubbish pages that don't lead anywhere, the now famous 'oops somethings gone wrong' every time you try to upgrade/change something

search this forum for the website problems...VM just can;t be bothered to sort it out, their stock answer is 'give us a call on.........' so that they can make you sit on the phone for hours, and then 'speak' to someone who doesn't understand you (or you can't understand them) doesn't listen to what you want, but tries to sell you what they want you to have (reason they make you phone, rather than online, because they can't influence (harass/pester)  you online!!) so that you either give in and have waht they are trying to force on you, or you hang up (because you can't get a word in edgeways to tell them to 'get lost' )

It will never change, because VM don't care...

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