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PAC number

I have a family phone , number above I need a PAC to move the number
to a three sim, but the phone some years ago was registered by my
wife, she is in hospital ICU and can not contact you so I'm in a no
win situation and I need this pac, please advise what I can do, you
can see how long I have had the number

Jon mellor

Husband to Susan mellor

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Re: PAC number

I think that unless you can answer her security questions/password check, you're probably out of luck.

While you have my sympathy for your situation, Virgin can't just act because someone says "I'm in a crisis, I need you to make an exception for me."

It could be seen as quite dubious, an unknown person telling Virgin that their customer is very ill in hospital - and instead of being at the customer's bedside holding their hand, that person is more interested in transferring the customer's mobile number to another provider. Wouldn't a more practical solution be to stump up a couple more months of payments until your wife is able to pass the security check herself?

It might sound harsh, but what would you do if your mobile number had been transferred to my control just because I 'phoned in and said you were incapacitated?

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