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Online and call centres- neither work!

I originally posted with the title  

Why make upgrading phones so difficult?

back on the 17th May 2017- since then after some pain my son's phone was sorted out and I remain with a 3G card and a  4G contract which I didn't ask for but was part of  the succession of  mistakes made by the staff in the call centre. Like a masochist I tried upgrading my daughter's phone online in  the last few days, kept getting errors which the live chat operatives could not sort out and so was forced to call the call centre again, dreading the conversation. After 15 minutes of  mutual incomprehension (I gather the call centre is now in the Philippines) , it was decided that there was a fault on the account, a form would be raised for it and I had to call back on Monday. Joy. Virgin Mobile might be saving money by using shoddy software and cheap call centres but it does not do your reputation any good and just puts off your customers. As is, I decided to go for a SIM only deal and even that wasn't possible. Can someone from VM comment please?

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