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Offered 3 I phones last week, now cant even get a £10 Samsung



A cable customer for 21 years and a mobile customer for 6 until last years mishap where I could not get an upgrade, I left to goto Vodafone. They were useless, so I went online to Virginmobile and ordered a £5 SIMO and got rejected !


Called them up and there was a mistake and was offered 3 contracts (S6 / IP7) whatever they tried so sell me!, all I wanted was a £5 SIMO


A week later my sons PAYG failed so I went on-line and ordered him a Samsung Core £10 p/m , waited 2 days so decided to call. VM Have no knowledge of my order so the proceeded to do it again. Now my account has been locked due to having 2 credit checks. (good one for my credit file!)


So firstly, my order is not there but I was credit checked, Now I cant get a phone for another 28 days till it unlocks or wait for some hidden department in VM that does not accept incoming calls to contact me.


I cant believe ordering a phone is so hard, I bought my brand new car in the space of ten minutes !


Rant over

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Re: Offered 3 I phones last week, now cant even get a £10 Samsung

HI ukbigman,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry for any frustration caused on our part. I'm afraid you'd need to wait until the alloted time period was up before undergoing another credit check. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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