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OH PUK.......

Hi, im trying to activate the puk lock on iphone 5, i have the puk code from my mobile account but have entered it twice and it says unable to lock sim 1 attempt left, can i get some help please ?

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Re: OH PUK.......

Hi makka,


I take it you have logged into your account , clicked on  the "Plan and device" tab and got the code from "oh PUK!"

If you have entered this code correctly but it is still not working, I suggest that you call customer services on 789 from a Virgin mobile or 0345 6000 789 from any other phone and ask them to check this for you.


AlexKid :-)

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Re: OH PUK.......

Hi makka

Sorry to hear you're having some issues entering the PUK code.

Just to confirm, the PUK code relates to the SIM card not the handset itself.

The PUK code is required once you've entered the SIM PIN incorrectly 3 times and is a way to recover the SIM if you forget the PIN code.

If you've not yet entered the normal PIN incorrectly 3 times, the PUK code won't work.

Once the phone is asking for the PUK code, you will have 10 attempts before the SIM will be permanently blocked.

If the PUK code does not unlock the SIM for you at this point, a new SIM will be required.

Before using all your attempts, it's worth speaking with the team on 0345 600 0789 by calling from any other line (you can also call free using 150 from a Virgin Media landline and following the options to talk about your mobile account).

We can double check the PUK code is correct for your SIM and get a new SIM sent out to you (a small charge may apply) if your current SIM cannot be unlocked.

Let us know how you get on.

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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