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Number transfer

I have just changed to a virgin sim only contract and wanted to port my old number from orange. I got the PAC code from Orange and phoned Virgin on Thursday and was told the change would take place sometime on Friday. At Friday lunchtime I received a text from Virgin was complete - which was great - except the change was not in fact complete and it has become a nightmare I wish I had never started!!!


My old phone with orange was cut off on Friday, the Virgin web site now shows the correct updated phone number and I have the text saying the port is complete. The only problem is the phone has not picked up the new number and is still working on the original (virgin) number that came with the sim.


How can they cut off the old phone number but not transfer it to the new phone at the same time? I was told both would happen together.


I phoned Virgin tech support on Friday afternoon and told (despite pointing out I had had a text confirming the port was complete) that the port was NOT complete - but would be by midnight and I would just have to wait. So I waited.


On Saturday the phone had still not changed to the new number, so I phoned Virgin again. The person I spoke to was very apologetic - but could not resolve the problem because the porting team do not work weekends! So I would have to wait until Monday.


Sure enough on Monday the number still does not work so I phoned Virgin again. Very polite lady told me she had spoken to the porting team but the phone number was still in the process of being transferred by OFFCOM. OFFCOM ???  they are the industry regulator - what have they got to do with it ??


So now I have been told to wait again - but I have absolutely ZERO confidence that matters will be resolved. I have now been effectively out of contact for 4 days, because anyone who rings my number just gets an engaged tone. You could not make it up - and this in not even close to being an acceptable service.


Is this normal for Virgin ?




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Re: Number transfer

I am having exactly the same issue. Switched from Vodafone to Virgin last week, Virgin told me it would be no problem to port my number, but it's been a total disaster!  Like you, I can see the number I want ported listed in the online account (rather than the number that Virgin allocated) but it's not working.


Gave them the PAC at the beginning of last week and got a text on Weds saying everything had been completed.  However, I haven't been able to receive calls or messages since  -  all anyone trying to reach me can get is the engaged tone, a message that tells them they've been 'cleared' or a 'number unavailable' message.  


I have spent hours on the phone to CS at Virgin trying to sort this out  -  they initially insisted that there wasn't a problem and that the number had ported successfully.  After several calls, they finally agreed that there was a problem but said they couldn't do anything about it until Monday as the team handling number ports don't work evenings or weekends. After 45 mins on the phone, they eventually told me that they were going to escalate the issue and that someone would get back to me first thing Monday morning.  When nobody got back to me, I called them again this afternoon  -  they promised to call me back after they'd spoken to the engineer, but needless to say nobody has bothered!


To top it all, now I can't even use the phone to call out as every number I try to call gives me a 'calls to this number are barred' message  -  and that even includes 789!!


Voicemail is the same  -  can't get it set up as it's giving me the 'barred' message, prior to that I got the 'you don't have a voicemail with Virgin, call 789 to find out what the problem is'.


I have had a broadband, landline and TV contract with Virgin Media for years and seldom had any issues.  I thought their mobile services would be the same but I'm on the brink of cancelling and going with another firm as the total lack of service is completely unacceptable.

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Re: Number transfer

Hi BCORover,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Sorry to hear your having difficulties with your number port.


The majority of number ports go through quite smoothly but from time to time issues can arise which cause delays in the process.


Our number ports team will be in touch with the relevant people to try and get this sorted for you. By the sounds of it this was confirmed by my colleague on our mobile team.


Once again my apologies for the delay.


Let me know how you get on with this.


Take care











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Re: Number transfer

Hi CL1,
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm extremely sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your number ported from Vodafone to us.
I've replied to your post here.
Please respond to that one when you can.

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Re: Number transfer

Having same pac issue been told I have to change setting in I phone 6 to complete mum trams from orange. Had now phone on old mum and can't top up new. Virgin pay n go either. Need old mum but no one s y help
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Re: Number transfer

Hi Ratbag1971,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy 



Really sorry to hear that you've had some trouble getting the number ported over. I want to get this looked into for you. Are you able to PM me your full name, mobile number and 3 characters of your password?


You can do this by clicking on the image of my face and selecting the send me a message option on the right hand side.


Let met know once you've sent this over. I'm looking forward to getting this sorted Smiley Happy



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