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Not working abroad

My mobile is not working abroad after contacting virgin mobile and telling them I am abroad. So searched web or contact details to resolve issue as only have access to internet and unable to find email address anywhere. Wish I had not moved to virgin recently amount of issues caused and this is a business number so now loosing money.
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Re: Not working abroad

As far as I'm aware, you can't email the support department, especially not if you want a quick reply.

The only way to contact VM from abroad about mobile is by calling the number +44 7953 967 967.

You can call that from any mobile that has credit, and if your phone isn't working, you may need to either find someone who can lend you their phone, or get a local PAYG sim card.


I'll always try my best to help, although my advice may not always lead to a solution. Take it as you wish, I just like to help Smiley Happy
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