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Not recognised as existing broadband/tv customer when applying

Hi, I'm trying to buy a virgin mobile and take advantage of the offers available but when I apply the web page doesn't recognise me as an existing customer (it prompts for my VM email address). I've tried every email address I have registered against my account to no avail.


Typically the person on the live chat was unable to help as she was basically a sales person.  Where do I head to get this resolved without being passed from pillar to post?





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Re: Not recognised as existing broadband/tv customer when applying

Last time I looked at the mobile offers available from Virgin Mobile (I enjoy a laugh) I followed the link from "my offers"  when I was logged into my account and the subsequent pages recognised me straight off.


Try that.


If not, likely you'll be down to phoning em or visiting your local Virgin Mobile phone emporium where they will have a selection of handsets at vastly inflated prices they will subsequently knock a fiver a month off for being a VM customer.


Im not a fan, but if you must... Broadband, phone and TiVo, spot on IMHO.


Mobile... look round the forums before you sign 2 years of your life away.







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