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Not receiving smilies in text messages (HTC m8s)

bit of help needed please. I've just got the HTC m8s and have no problems in sending the various smilies etc to my partners phone. She has the Galaxy S4 mini. When she/my daughter send me smilies from the S4 mini all I get is a load of question marks instead of the smilies - any helpful advice?

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Re: Not receiving smilies in text messages (HTC m8s)

She needs to go into the text message settings (when in the list of messages, just use the menu button on the bottom left and select "settings"). About a third of the way down is "Input mode" which is probably set to "GSM Alphabet" - it needs to be "Automatic" or "Unicode".


"Automatic" uses the GSM alphabet until you type in a unicode character, when it changes to unicode.


Note that single unicode SMS messages have a 70 character limit while it's 160 characters for a single GSM alphabet message.


There is a mechanism on modern handsets to concatenate multiple texts into long messages, at the expense of a few characters per message. For example, if you have a smiley in a message (i.e. it's unicode) and it goes over the 70 character limit for a single text, your message uses two texts with a new message limit of 135 characters (not 140).


Note also that if the smileys are sent as picture data (i.e. she copied the picture from a website) then it becomes a picture message using the MMS protocol and she'll be charged at 40p for the message.


Note also that the default text messaging app on the Samsung has a built-in three-text threshold before converting a text to MMS. So if she writes a message with smileys longer than about 202 characters or an alphabet-only message longer than about 470 characters, it will be chargeable. There are replacement apps such as BigSMS which do not have this threshold, but I work on the basis that if I need to say so much, I may as well just ring up...

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