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Not all all happy

My son called me on 7th June to tell me he had lost his mobile phone (I am the account holder) I reported it stolen online straight away, and called to confirm that the phone was lost and I had cancelled it online.

Later that evening, I received a call on my own phone from a bus company to say they had found it (he had rung them to ask if one had been handed in) I called customer services, and was told it would be reactivated within 24 hours.

By Friday 10th June, it had still not been switched back on, so I called again and was again advised it would be switched on within 24 hours.

On Saturday 11th June it was still not back on, so I called again, and was told that it could not be switched back on as after the initial call it had been recorded as “Account suspended, due to Bankruptcy” but after they had put me on hold for ages, I was again told, 24 hours and it would be back on. Sunday 12th June, it was still not on, so I called again, and promised it would be dealt with within 24 hours, and the lady would call me back at 11.00am on Monday 13th June (today) of course nobody called me back, and I had to call again and have now been told it will take between 3 and 5 days.

What an absolute farce, and the fact you have recorded that I have been bankrupt, could cause me and my business untold issues.

No disrespect to your overseas call centre, but they are absolutely useless, and I am really not happy at all with my treatment and constantly being fobbed off with “24 Hours”

I am not going to give you my numbers on here but I would appreciate it if you would contact me by direct message, and advise me who is going to call me to rectify this issue, and I don't want another overseas customer service rep, as I have had enough of them, and I really want to speak to someone to discuss the repercussions, of your team members recording me as a bankrupt

I await your prompt service and reply in this matter.

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Re: Not all all happy

Hi Rusty55,


Thank you for your post on the Community Forum, I'm sorry that you have had such a difficult time getting your son's phone reactivated after it was locked. 


In order to give specific details, the Forum Team would require that you give details so that we can access your account. We are able to check accounts via your Forum details (these don't always match, especially with Virgin Mobile accounts so account security and details are required). Call backs are not available via the Forum; this is an online based Community Forum.


Checking into this for you, I can see that the latest update on this yesterday states that the phone is now reactivated. 


Is the phone now working?


If the phone is still locked, I will need to take further details from you in order to verify I have the correct account details and to escalate this for you. Please let me know.


Alternatively, you can contact us via 789 (from a Virgin Mobile) or 0345 6000 789 (from any other phone) or 150 (freephone from a Virgin Media landline). You can also contact us via WebChat: Contact Us. On this same page, if you take the Something Else > Make a complaint option; it will give you an online contact form to raise a complaint.


Kind regards,

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