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No signal Abroad

hi I am in Israel abroad and my iPhone 4 can't register a phone signal. All my settings are correct. I have hard reset etc as per the other posts. 

My tarif is sim only unlimited. I think it is technical at the virgin end causing the problem. I can't call the help line as it constantly rings off. Any advice please?

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Re: No signal Abroad

Hi Newtonrubbish,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Sorry to hear roaming is not working for you in Israel.


You can check roaming is active when you log into Your Account . Click on plans and devices then click the tab manage devices. Make sure roaming is set to on here. 


If you're not able to pick up any network it maybe that roaming is not active on the account even though it may show the contrary. It may also be the case that the local carrier is not compatible with your handset.


I have included the help page showing call prices when using roaming in Israel here should you get this sorted.


If you wish to give the mobile team a call whilst abroad you would need to ring +447953967967 from a working line.


Let us know how it goes.


Many thanks











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Re: No signal Abroad

Manually select a network, select one that apparently you cant register to, and it seems to have worked for 2 phones
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