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No service

Just got back from Spain, able to use all services there, back home and phone says ' no service '. Can get Internet but no text or phone, apparently my phone is saying switched off to a friend who's trying to contact me. Obviously I can't phone Virgin help either. Turned off and back on again, no joy. Any ideas please?
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Re: No service

Hi SusieQ56,


you could try turning "Airplane mode" on and off again this should make it search for a network.

If the battery is removable, try taking it out whilst the phone is turned on then replace it & turn the phone back on. This will reboot the phone.

Are you able to go into the phone settings & manually select a network?

If none of the above work, you could also try taking the SIM card out (perhaps give it a gentle wipe) then putt it back again and turn on the phone.

Good luck Smiley Happy


AlexKid :-)

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Re: No service

Typical experience as Virgin use a network that seems to give priority to their own customers
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