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No service in Hong Kong

I have a PAYG sim with credit, currently in HK, it indicates that it has full signal but it says emergency call only, please help.  Thanks.

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Re: No service in Hong Kong

I've moved your post to the right part of the Forum. Here's a link to stuff you can do. I presume that your query is about inability to roam in HK? Your information is so sparse it's hard to know.

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Re: No service in Hong Kong

Hi sassoferrato21,


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I can see HowardML has been helping you out which is great.


There maybe a potential issue with the local network carrier you are connected to in Hong Kong.


I would first check roaming is active when you log into Your Account


Go to on plan and device

Click the tab manage services.

Move the slider to on and click update. This will present you with a green success message. It may take up to 24hrs for this to go live on your account.


Please check the call barring option to stop calls abroad isn't set to on.


If roaming is switched on already try these steps below:


Turn your phone off and then back on again

Go into your phone settings and select a network manually.

Try removing your phone’s battery, while it’s still switched on – this helps reboot it and find a local network


If you are still experiencing difficulties give our mobile team a call on +447953967967 from a roaming handset or land line so we can take a further look into this for you.


Hope this helps.


Let me know how it goes.

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