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No phone signal and Virgin Online Chat wasn't helpful at all


Has anyone tried getting help from Virgin chat service regarding no phone signal?

There are 2 virgin mobile phones in my property, both can only get zero or 1 bar signal. The technician on chat service suggested turning the phone OFF and ON, then do phone setting and choose Virgin mobile network. Afterwards both phones got 2 bars of signal for about a few minutes before the signal had gone flat again. I complained and the technician said there was no guarantee that the phone signal would up at all time. That all the help I could get.


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Forum Team
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Re: No phone signal and Virgin Online Chat wasn't helpful at all

Hi nandakrpp,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing poor signal strength on both mobile phones at your property. This is clearly frustrating because you're struggling to contact the outside world.


I'd very much like to help you out here. Could you please answer the following questions:-


Do you get a decent signal away from home?

Do other networks have trouble at your property?

Does this happen all the time or did it suddenly go bad?


Look forward to your response.



Forum Team
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