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No mobile signal at home.

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, so forgive me if I am going over much trodden ground!

I live in WR11 7XF. I have little or no signal, occasionally if I hang out of an upstairs window I might get a bar.

I have two questions.

1. Can I use Wi-Fi calling on my Lumia 640 lte and if so how? I can't find instructions that work on my phone anywhere.


2. Do any of the various signal boosters work> I could put one on the roof if necessary.?

Actually, I've just thought of a third question.

3. Does anyone know the practicalities of getting a mast or booster installed in the village? The Parish Council are happy to finance.

Thanks for any help that comes along.




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Re: No mobile signal at home.

Ok according to EE you have weak 3G and 4G in your area

I've no idea if the Lumia 640 can do wifi calling as supplied by Virgin but it is not available on the network anyway.

The only booster that seem to work are the boost boxes (again supplied only by EE in your case)

As to the last question your Parish Council would need to contact EE to put in their proposals, I suspect it will cost more than you think.

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