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No mobile network connection

I am unable to connect my sons phone to the Virgin Mobile network after repairing. The screen and digitizer were swapped from another phone. The phone is a Samsung S3 running Android (updated tonight to the latest version). The phone boots fine and wifi is ok.

Initially the IMIE number was mssing but has now refreshed on the device. Unfortunately the sim is not connecting to the VM network. I have manually selected on the network list and got the message "registering with Virgin network" and then "registered with Virgin network" - but I still get the round icon with diagonal line through at the top of the phone and "emergency calls only".

Do Virgin need to refresh the phone details at there end? Do you need the IMIE number?


The phone from which the parts were taken was on the O2 network but I did not transfer any motherboard components from that device so that should not be an issue.


Any ideas?


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Re: No mobile network connection

Hi CarlH2010,


Thanks for postingSmiley Happy


I'm not totally sure why the handset is behaving in the way it is. I would probably say as logically the repair is the only change in circumstance that's been made that this is somehow the cause of your issue.


I would recommend giving our mobile team a call on 789 or alternatively 0345 6000 789 so we can check its all set up correctly our end for you.


Let me know how it goes.


Speak soon

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