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No mobile internet yet again!!!!!

I am sick to death of posting about this on here, and seeing so many people complaining about it on here, your twitter etc When are you going to actually fix this instead of giving people ridiculous instructions, asking for postcodes etc etc EE is perfect here, yet virgin has constant issues. Virgin net goes down almost every other day, yet when I check EE it's working fine!! Rubbish VM uttr rubbish...

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: No mobile internet yet again!!!!!

Hi thisised,


Thanks for posting.


I sincerely apologise mobile internet is down again in your area. This is clearly not good news as you've said it keeps happening.


I'm not able to check the masts in your area as I don't have a postcode or location for you, but if you're seeing EE is working fine then it may not show anything anyway.


How are things looking today?

Have you ever spoken to our team when this happens?

What has been said on the call?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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