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No Mobile signal

I have 2 virgin mobiles and an ee mobile and all have been having issues with signals and having no service.
It has been like this for 24 hours but after speaking to customer lack of service, I am still Non the wiser as to wether there is a known issue or not or if there is an issue, when it will be repaired.
My post code is ls14 5ls
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Forum Team
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Re: No Mobile signal

Hi Meltas,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm very sorry to hear you're having signal issues in your area. I see this post is from 21/12 but any faults closed more than 7 days ago are taken off the system. I'll try my best to find out what information I can for you though.


When I check the masts in your area I can see they are all operational. At the moment I see there is one active fault for the LS13 area so this wouldn't concern you. I can also see there have been several faults closed down in the past 7 days but these were mainly for North Yorkshire so again it wouldn't have affected you.


In summary, it does seem like that part of the country has had a few problems of late. Your area may very well have had an issue but because it's more than 7 days old I can't trace it. Are you still experiencing loss of signal?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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