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New phone and SIM

I know that this may be a stupid question but I'm sure someone will give me info needed. I want to buy a new phone and a SIM only contract. When I look on the website, it seems that if you buy a new phone, you need to be on a normal contract as opposed to SIM only. When I look on the SIM only page, it seems you can only do this with a phone I already have. Could someone clarify what I need to do. 

Many thanks

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Re: New phone and SIM

Hi jacquildavies,

Virgin's new mobile phone contracts are called "Freestyle" where you choose the device you want and your monthly payment will then be the price of that + the price of your chosen "Freestyle tariff" (which are exactly the same price as SIM only tariff).

Click on this link : Pay Monthly  select a phone then "view tariffs" and see for yourself.

AlexKid :-)

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