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New contract issued despite cancellation?


My contract for ******************* came to an end at the end of Jan 2016 and I called in Dec 2015 to cancel. I went through all the process and was told the cancellation would go through.

I now find a demand for another months service and when I login I see I've been renewed for another year!?! 

Not only that but a new credit agreement was opened for me against my credit file adversely affecting my credit score!?!?!

So I thought I'd call today to see if I could speak to someone. Neither 0345 6000 789 nor 0345 454 1111 work and simply drop the call. Lovely.

So now I am in a situation where I have a fradulent credit agreement I never agreed to against my credit history, demands for payment and no doubt more adverse credit AND the inability to contact customer service.

There is a REASON I want to cancel.

Can someone PLEASE sort this out?!?!


Khushil Dep.


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Re: New contract issued despite cancellation?

Hi Khushil,

to speak with Retentions/Cancelation team directly call 0345 183 1150 open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm and Sun: Closed.

I hope you manage to get things sorted.

AlexKid :-)

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