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New Europe Roaming Charges

Since the introduction of new  Europe wide caps on roaming, have Virgin mobile signed up?

I've tried chatting but it's always busy, and the website only list the old charges. I'm interested mainly in data abroad. I'm off to France soon and, according to the reported news and money saving expert, the new law in place should mean I can use data (have 2gb included each month in sim only plan) and only be charged a maximum of 0.05 cents per MB. So, that means that Virgin have to honour my included allowance, and that the charge will be relatively low (5 euro per 100mb).

Whilst this is excellent news all round, Virgin are still showing on the website that data must be bought from them using their expensive bundles? Does anyone know if they will complying with the law now and that they have just not updated the site?

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Re: New Europe Roaming Charges

Hi AnneBonny,

as you say, some pages haven't been updated but scroll down on this page: Costs and coverage and it shows the new EU Data Travel Pass prices.

AlexKid :-)

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