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Never works abroad!!

Can anyone help??

since switching to virgin my phone NEVER works abroad, I've called countless times before I go away and assured it should all work, but it just says sims not set up or something?? 

Being a travel agent I can't continue if it's not fixable?? I'm currently in Paris and again have no phone!!! 




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Re: Never works abroad!!

 Have you internet so you can get to the Virgin Website. If so

Log in here: Your Account > click on  the "Plan and device" tab.

Go to "Manage my services" > check that "Roaming" is set to ON & "International call barring" needs to be set to OFF

If you have to change these settings. Allow time for your account to update then reboot your phone by turning it off & on again.

If they are set right then we have the Virgin Roaming Gremlin.



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