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Network Outage. Anomaly.

Why is it that: -

a) We are never informed when we have a network outage.

b) We have to go to another company's web site to find this out. Repairs are ongoing and "MIGHT" be fixed in 16 hours time.

c) AMAZINGLY. During this so-called outage, Virgin can send a text to my mobile phone, but I haven't been able to send a text or make a phone call for 48 hours.

Virgin should beware of false advertising. You have NOT :-

1) Got a fast network. It belongs to EE and if they wish to favour their own customers during limited or busy bandwidth requirements they will do so without asking your permission. Evidenced by the fact that my Wife, who is with EE as only had intermittent loss of signal during the past 48hrs, whereas I have had TOTAL LOSS.

2) Got a reliable Network. It's NOT your network and It is definitely NOT reliable. Around where I live you struggle to get to A. never mind 4G.

I'm going to have to start charging Virgin for the amount of time I cannot make a phone call or make a text. Rant Over. :-)


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