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My storage on my sony phone

I have just receive a notification that there is a system update on my sony xperia m2 (not m2 aqua). I have tried to install it and my phone says to free up some storage to do so, I then tried to update my phone via my pc but the same message appeared. I have literally only got 10 apps left and they are all built in so i cannot uninstall them. My phone says i have exacly 764mb of free data when my phone has 8GB storage in total. 3GB taken with the android version, 5mb with cache, 239kb of misc files. 1.15GB of apps(i dont know how that works when i only have 10 built in apps only), 3.3mb pics and videos, 136kb of audio,8kb downloads. this all adds up to roughly 4.5GB leaving me with 3.5 GB but like before, it says i have 764mb. I have transferred all i can to my sd card but still no difference. Do you know what may be the problem. I was told it was a software corruption but if i am able to fix it myself then i would rather do that than pay and have my contacts and personal files erased. Please help if u can.

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Re: My storage on my sony phone


I don't know whether this will be of any help to you but feel it's worth a mention:

Clean Master I have it on my phone & it really does seem to have helped things (it's a free download so what have you got to lose).

My phone was OK, I just wanted to lighten it a little which this App did.

Good luck,

AlexKid :-)


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