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My sim

I ordered a nano sim yesterday for my new phone and when I had received it I sent a text message through my old normal sim to make the switch and now the old one no longer works and my new sim isn't activated or hasn't started up yet. Can this be checked for me please.
The number is **********************




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Re: My sim

Not via the Forum. You'll have to phone VM Mobile on 0345 6000 789 on a landline. And I have asked the Mods to remove your phone number. This is a public forum. Do you really want to get weird calls??


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Re: My sim

OK, have you reset the new phone/sim since the old one went dead?

When I swapped mine, I had to reset the new phone/sim to get the sim to work in the phone. Old sim went dead, and waited 20 minutes or so after it did, then did the reset. All then worked OK.

Either turn phone off & wait a couple of minutes before restarting, or do a battery pull. This re-sets the phone, and allows it to pick up the 'new' signals from the now 'activated' sim.

If this doesn't work, then you need to contact VM. 


Hope this helps.Smiley Happy

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