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My phone wont work abroad

My phone wont work abroad
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Re: My phone wont work abroad

Hi Jacquie1960,


log into your Virgin Mobile account then click on  the "Plan and device" tab.

Go to "Manage my services" > "Roaming" needs to be set to ON & "International call barring" needs to be set to OFF


If they are not correct, make the change by moving the "switch/tab" in your account by clicking the other side of the rectangle box.

If you have to make a change to the settings, allow time for your account to update then reboot your phone.
(Virgin advise that this may take upto 24 or longer from abroad).

I would advise periodically turning the phone off/on to see if it finds and selects a network.


You may have to go into the phone's settings and do a manual search.

 Also check that roaming is enabled on the handset itself.


If you need to call Virgin Mobile. Their UK support line number is: +447953 967 967


AlexKid :-)

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