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My phone won't ring out or accept calls?

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? Basically yesterday morning I woke to no internet connection on home connection or on mobile, I could text on my mobile but not ring out or accept incoming calls. Bills all paid. I text my mum asking her to ring the help number, the man there said he knew what it was and could fix it and should be working again soon, my internet came back on home and mobile within an hour but still this evening I cannot make calls or accept them. Apart from twice when I kept trying same numbers many times, it once got through on 789 to virgin help and once to my mum but cannot get through again. It looks as if the phone is dialing but there is no ring tone and not connecting. The virgin help said only way can help is if I ring them on another phone and go through trouble shooting this one, but I only have this phone and cannot borrow one any time soon. I have tried turning on and off, and taking sim and battery out but doesn't help. Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

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Re: My phone won't ring out or accept calls?

Hi jessfleur,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your phone won't ring out or accept calls.


I've checked our network outage list for the past 7 days and can see a few areas were affected by a loss of calls and data over the weekend. These areas have now been cleared. Can you confirm if the issue is still ongoing?


Look forward to hearing from you.



Forum Team
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